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18 October 2013

Let's skip the middle man shall we?

Toddlers are messy. Little boy toddlers even messier.

So it's only natural that we put a big 'ol huge plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce in front of them and expect them to stay clean, right?


It isn't rocket science, and yet I still think that the day will come when I can give him anything to eat, and he'll use his fork (or spoon), and every drop will go inside his mouth, and not painted all over the table and the kitchen floor.

One day. Riiiiiiiiiight. 

So, I may revolt. I may completely skip the 'middle man' and start throwing food on the floor, squirt some ketchup, sit him down and call it a day.

As much as the cleanup would be horrendous, the time saved by not frantically baby-wiping his face, his hands, the table and the floor throughout the meal would be well worth it.


Sarah said...

Sounds reasonable to me, I say go for it!

Ragemichelle said...

Hahhaha... for me, it's never changed..I'm an all grown up girl and I still look like that after eating spaghetti

thoughtsappear.com said...

At least you remembered not to put him in a white shirt on spaghetti day.

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