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06 February 2013

I'm a private dancer.

C'mon, you know you all do it. Dance when no one is looking, right?

Well, in my case dance when the blinds are wide open and three different sets of neighbours are taking their dog's for walks. And not know about it until one of them politely mentions it when you are getting into your vehicle two weeks later.

That's how I roll. 

I am not ashamed. In fact, fuck 'em, I am glad they saw me enjoying my limited kid time that I DO get nowadays. I am completely thrilled that there were no less than 6 people who got to witness me, my daughter, and my son, dancing like complete idiots in the living room.

Step by step instructions... because, why not?
I am pretty sure there was some moonwalking, and perhaps a little bit of the lawn mower, mashed potato, macarena, and possibly even the shopping cart.

My peeps know how to rock it old school. 

I think the part of this story that's missing, is that I haven't spoken one word to this particular neighbour, EVER, in the two years I have lived here.

Not one, you guys. I do believe there was a half-hearted wave once as I was driving by, but that's stretching it.

Again, that's how I roll. 

Many of my real life friends would find this shocking; I am not a private person, in fact I am probably the complete opposite of private. I also talk too much, but whatever. 

But there is something to be said about ignoring your neighbours. I like to think it adds a bit of mystery. But now there isn't any mystery, guys. I fucked it all up. By dancing with my kids.

Now my neighbours just think I am awesome. Probably. 


handflapper said...

Dancing with your kids is the very best ever and I know your neighbors are damn jealous of your awesome moves.

I am thrilled that any time Hellbaby hears music, she reaches for my hand and demands, "Dance! Dance!" I don't even mind that she's the Worst. Dancer. Ever.

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

I like to dance, but I am terrible at it. No, really. Like, I am flailing at invisible insects that have surrounded my body terrible. But I still dance. Why? Because alcohol.

Marianna Annadanna said...

Hubby and I randomly dance all the time. And I dance by myself too. One day I'll get caught and I'll either drop to the floor and hide or invite the other person to join me.

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