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15 November 2012

Quick update. Sorta

So we're all aware of what's going on in my life yadda yadda yadda...but wanted to share just a few things; not for sympathy because if you offer it I may cry and when I cry I get stabby but to let you all know that WE ARE OK.

After E's surgery, there were some complications. Partly because of where the tumor was located in his brain, but also because of the surgery itself; an invasive and aggressive procedure that can cause millions of different things to happen that no one can predict or even avoid.

Today, E still resides at the hospital. He is paralysed on the left side of his body, but can push back with his left foot if you raise his leg up and slightly bend it at the knee (this is progress and fantastic news). He is unable to do a lot of things for himself, but will be moving into an intensive in-patient rehabilitation center any day now. He has months of hard work ahead of him, but his determination and optimism astounds me, and I am so very proud of him.

We also met with the BC Cancer Society this week and the news wasn't entirely fantastic, but it was at least NEWS. Despite it all being scary, it was refreshing to have a doctor be upfront and honest and answer all of our questions.

E will be undergoing radiation treatments for 5 weeks following his recovery. What that means I don't entirely know, because he still has a lot of swelling which can be harmful during radiation. My best guess is a few weeks to a few months before he starts. And from there, he will be followed up with a Neurologist every 4 months for the first year, every 6 months for the next few after.

Which is what was supposed to happen last time, 3 and a half years ago.

That part I am having a hard time swallowing. To hear that this was all preventable with proper after-care and follow up makes me so angry. SO ANGRY. Like cut-a-bitch angry.

I don't think I need to explain why.

So that's it for this week. I have a smile on my face today. I may not have yesterday, and may not tomorrow or next week, but today I do because I can see the light at the end of the hallway. What's over there, I don't really know, but having answers and a plan always seems to offer some bit of comfort where there wasn't any at all.


Sarah said...

Ok, so no sympathy (it gets me the same way:) but plenty of love and hugs your way - keep smiling lovely xx

Marianna Annadanna said...

You are doing so well. Such a strong gal. I will totally cut whatever bitch you want me to. Unless it's Jennifer Lawrence, cause I like her.

Miss you. Think about you all the time. (In a non-lesbian way. Usually.)

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