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06 November 2012

My Top 5 Reasons Why Voting For Romney is a Very Bad Idea

I'm Canadian. You all know this. But I lived, went to school, and worked in the good 'ol US of A back in 1998 to 2002, so I do what I can to at least pay attention when a federal election is happening. I may not follow it like some do, and I may be ignorant as hell, but I enjoy standing on a soap box every so often...so here it goes....

Romney is a complete fucktard. Please don't vote for him. My top 5 reasons why:

I think he looks like a douche too. 
5. Wishy Washy on gun control. So what is it going to be Romney? In 2004, he passed one of the tightest bans on assault weapons in Massachusetts. But, later on, he bought a lifetime membership to the NRA and hopes to endorse the National Rifle Association. And one of his strongest arguments is that Obama flip-flops. Riiiiight. 

4. Poor people shouldn't go to college. (WTF?) Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan (another douche-canoe) has proposed a budget that would eliminate $170 billion from Pell grants. These grants allow low-income students to receive funding for college without repayment. This budget cut would possibly effect 1 million students if passed. 

3. Speaking of flip flops, Obamacare flip-flop. Romney recently stated that he “is not getting rid of all health reform [that the Affordable Care Act enacts].” The Affordable Care Act has a ban on discriminating against people with pre-existing insurance. He condoned that ban in the interview, yet in an update later that night, a Romney aide stated he does not support that part of the law. One of Romney’s main platforms is to get rid of Obamacare, but he flip-flops on this issue as he does on his opinions on gun control.

2. Gay people are not allowed to marry. Mitt Romney stated that "I believe marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman and I have been rock solid in my support of traditional marriage.” Apparently two gay people in love threaten the 'sanctity of marriage'. In countries where same-sex marriage has been legalized-Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, and Spain-the rate of heterosexual marriage stability has either gone up, remained stable, or declined consistent with other countries in the region that do not recognize same-sex marriage. Just an FYI. In case anyone was wondering about how dangerous it is to marry someone of the same-sex. 

1. Women have no choice over their own bodies. Do I need to even comment on this? Romney opposes abortion except in case of rape, incest, or harm to the child or mother. (Gee thanks Romney) He wants to limit  our rights on the choice to abortion. It does not matter what any one's religious beliefs are, it’s the fact that the establishment may govern that choice. My body, my decision. Enough said. 

I am terrified he'll get voted in. TERRIFIED for my US friends. So, my door is always open to you all...you can all live in my living room and enjoy the freedom we have as Canadians. Seriously. I make a mean Margarita. 

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Gia said...

True dat! Gooo Obama!

StephanieC said...

It was scary for a while there last night. I was watching a live poll that was the popular vote, and Romney was winning it and I was shitting my pants a little bit.

Thank goodness he didn't get in, but MY GAWD, how close he came is unsettling. I can't understand why so many people would want him in office.

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